The Maltese islands enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate. Meridiana’s estate is situated on a plain at the centre of Malta within close proximity of the sea.  The estate underlies a number of small hills, the most notable of which is the ancient, walled-city of Mdina.  The soil is calcareous with a relatively thick substrate of moisture-retentive, blue-clay subsoil.

The climatic, geographical, and soil conditions on the island provide ideal conditions for the production of wines which have brilliant colours, clean aromas, and a lively acidity.

The estate consists of 19 hectares (47 acres) of land including the winery building, cellars, offices and passage-ways. The total planted area is 17 hectares (42 acres or 169 tumoli) and is cultivated with the following varieties: Chardonnay – 8 ha (20 ac); Cabernet Sauvignon – 3.5 ha (8.5 ac); Merlot – 3 ha (7.5 ac); and Syrah 2.5 ha (6 ac). All 91,000 vines on the estate are individually drip-irrigated. In 2013, 1,000 Moscato vines were planted.

The winery, inspired by Maltese farmhouse designs, has been constructed out of Malta’s characteristic limestone. The winery’s process hall is equipped with independently temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks which are used for wine-making and storage. The underground cellars have a natural temperature of between 16-20°Celsius (61-68°Fahrenheit) and are furnished with top quality French oak barriques used for maturation of red wine. The central building also includes a bottling-hall, tasting rooms, offices and a cellar shop.