Other events

Meridiana Wine Estate has been chosen by top brands, such as BMW and Sunseeker, to launch their latest vehicles and luxury motor yachts. Other reputable firms have selected Meridiana to host their corporate events or simply to treat their staff or clients to a relaxing visit and tasting within a vineyard.

The estate, a hidden gem idyllically located in the countryside, is the ideal location to hold such functions. The vast open space next to the farmhouse and the spacious terraces overlooking the vineyards, offer a magnificent backdrop for one’s exhibits. Meridiana also offers an ideal venue for the organization of fashion shows, product presentations and photo-shoots. Our estate has also been featured in various advertising spots.

Clients are invited to engage their preferred design consultants to infuse their events with their own distinctive character.

For further information, kindly call our offices or send your request to events@meridiana.com.mt